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October 04, 2021 3 min read

Working out can be tough, especially as we approach the colder and darker months. Do you find yourself skipping your workout session or not pushing yourself as hard as possible? We all have those days where we are feeling lazy, unmotivated, and just don't feel like doing anything. But there are some things that can help keep us on track to achieving our goals. Here are ten top tips to keep you motivated to workout!

Top Tip #1 - Never miss a Monday - this one is easier said than done. But don't you find when you workout on a Monday, you have a great week and working out for the rest of the week becomes easier and more enjoyable. Starting on day 1 of the week with 1 workout in the bag is powerful stuff!

Top Tip #2 - Grab a workout buddy - find someone who's just as determined to workout that day, or at least is supportive of you doing so and shares some of your common goals. Making the commitment to show up with someone else makes it psychologically harder to cancel and you'll often push and motivate each other. You'll most likely have heaps more fun, too.

Top Tip #3 - Plan your workouts before you turn up and write them down! This eliminates that gym fatigue or looking around thinking what shall I do? Or, starting your workout and thinking "I'll just do three rounds", when moments before you started you told yourself it was five rounds - we've all been guilty of this!

Top Tip #4 - Keep track of the progress that you are making by using a fitness tracker. There are so many great ones out there depending on your goals or your fitness level. Fitbit, Garmin, Apple, Whoop, just to name a few... This could be a whole post in itself so we won't go into the different app trackers in too much detail here. Reward yourself for hitting milestones on your journey to better health.

Top Tip #5 - Try out a new workout that you have never tried before - this could be a whole body workout, a fun dance class, swimming, running, gymnastics, or even a CrossFit trial. This will keep your workouts from becoming stale and boring!

Top Tip #6 - Build your routine. Remember, motivation is what makes you start, but HABIT is what keeps you going. Where do you log or track your workouts? Get them scheduled in your diary for the week ahead!

Top Tip #7 - Don't underestimate the power of a rest day! Too often we take a rest day and think we have fallen off our workout routine. Listen to your body and if you take a rest day, know that your body is recovering ready for the next session - this is okay!

Top Tip #8 - Make sure you are eating enough on rest days to fuel your body with the energy it needs for that workout tomorrow. This will help you to feel strong, powerful and ready to get back at it!

Top Tip #9 - Keep it simple. Try to keep your workouts as achievable as possible, so that you actually want to do them! If your workout is too challenging or if the body part you are working out doesn't agree with the day - swap! Don't force yourself through an injury just because you think 'its only a bit of pain.

Top Tip #10 - We saved the best till last! Yes, you guessed it... we find, a new outfit often helps. Especially when its fully matching in your chosen fit or style! Never underestimate the power of clothes to help motivate yourself for that session. Go check out our fully interchangeable capsule collections and grab yourself a new outfit. Whether you're looking for a bold pattern, a block colour or even a mixture of the two, our colour matching technology means you can mix & match and you'll always match! I know right! Walk into your workout space looking and feeling great - how can you not have a great workout?

There are so many different options out there to help you stay motivated. We have found that each person has their own unique way of staying on track with their fitness goals, but the main thing is not quitting! Mix it up with some of these top tips and keep searching for ways to keep yourself moving forward towards your goal! Just never give up - it's hard but you can do it!

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